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It’s a strange feeling to have when ‘one of your own’ becomes such a disappointment.  I hate to say that I share the same gay predisposition as Barney Frank and Andrew Sullivan.

I guess you always want your own kind to be good people and not an embarrassment.  Barney Frank is to the stage now of disgusting me.  I wonder if Andrew Sullivan thinks Barney has told any lies?  He seems interested in making lists of lies for others.  But it is apparent now that neither Barney Frank nor Andrew Sullivan even knows the definition of a lie.  And they are such intelligent people too.

I know that I have always been philosophically different from Barney Frank, but there was still somewhat of a connection there.  I was once philosophically similar to Andrew Sullivan, I thought, but he too has become an enormous disappointment.

I now see two incredibly intolerant (I noticed that ‘bigot’ was listed as a synonym) people.  Their honesty has left them, and their dignity, they must not care anymore.  I find it very sad indeed.  There is the opportunity to vote Barney Frank out of his job, but Andrew Sullivan we’ll simply have to avoid to avert the shame.

Some more on Barney Frank.  As for Andrew, the link to his site is on my Blogroll.  I’ll likely still visit, albeit less frequently.

What do you think?  Gloating……I think gloating.  This is a no class ***got.  Sorry, sorry……didn’t mean to use that word.  Hate it.



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Bail Me Out

“Bail Me Out” sounds like something a student called me about several years ago.  I was his coach and he actually thought I would come down to the jail and bail him out, in the early morning hours no less.  He was wrong.

Sometimes you have to learn your lesson, and he was one those people.  I don’t remember anymore what happened or how he found himself in jail.  I’d simply have to say immature and irresponsible behavior would best describe it.

I’ve done a great deal of reading over this weekend and I feel resonably comfortable in my understanding of why ‘We the People’ have managed to get ourselves into this mess we are in.  And really, it is our fault for electing people to do work in our best interests.  They haven’t done that and they should be fired.  It’s a shame we don’t have that option that every other business in America has.  Dammit!

This video available over at Power Line is short and basic and informative.  Oh, no nuance.  Worth the watch and please do.

UPDATE:  What are we in?  A communist state?  They are doing everything to keep this video away from people.  Try this link instead: Burning Down the House: What Caused Our Economic Crisis?

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I’ve always noticed that whenever there is something big brewing that is not in their favor, democrats seem to take a timeout and say very little, if anything at all.  All of the bailout mess is a case of this.  I’m assuming that they are attempting to get their talking points together to find a way to project blame on republicans.  Well, I guess that is a good strategy.  Certainly wouldn’t want to say something that might be regrettable later.  Certainly wouldn’t want to kick yourself in the butt about how you voted a few years back when you had the opportunity to avert the problem.

And then the demonization begins.  Somebody has to be a really, really bad person.  Maybe Rove, or Greenspan, or Bush, or Cheney.  Yeap………and so the pattern begins again.

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Election Prediction

It’s time for a prediction.  Of course, I have no idea what’s really going to happen, but I like to guess.  I like guessing about a lot of things in life.

Unless there is some major revelation, I think that McCain/Palin will win the election.  In fact, I sort of think they will win handily.  My thought a while back was that McCain would win a close one, when the polls showed Obama ahead by 4-5 percentage points.  I think 3-5 percentage points is needed for Obama to make up for all the people who say ‘Obama’ to pollsters and friends, but when the go to vote, it will be McCain.  And they are not doing this because they are racist (I’m sure that’s what the media and pundits will report.), they just don’t want to be perceived as racist by others.  Whites have been scared to death that they will say something to offend or are not in touch with their latent racism.  But this is one area – voting by secret ballot – that they can actually express their opinion without fear of reprisal.  Once you exit the voting booth, you can say whatever you want about who you voted for, or say nothing at all.

After McCain wins, everyone will be talking about how they don’t know anyone who voted for McCain and that it just seems impossible that Obama lost.  There will be talk about the election being stolen, how the right-wing religious wackos turned out in great numbers, how blacks were unable to get to the polls, and what a great tragedy it is that the ignorant people out there prevented the ‘great change.’  And worst of all, because of the volatility of this election, we will see the losing side become more vicious than ever.

That’s what I think.  Oh, but I could be wrong.

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The Day After

I’ve been very concerned lately about my partner.  I see him as being very emotionally invested in Obama, change, and how things will implode if he doesn’t win the White House.

I was thinking about myself and how I would feel if McCain loses.  And you know what?  It wouldn’t be any great blow to me.  We’d move on and I’d be supportive of our new President.  I’d certainly watch what he’s up to and would undoubtedly disagree with some decisions, but as long he is respectful of the office and listens to all points of view before making decisions, then that is what he’s paid (elected) to do.

Unfortunately, I’m not quite sure my partner would have a similar contentment in the outcome of an Obama loss.  And I know that the left, particularly the extreme left, will do whatever they can to discredit a McCain presidency from the first day.  I suppose I can live with that, but it is disheartening.

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Sometimes I take a trip over to The Bilerico Project to see what the gay left is talking about.  Well, I’m sure they may say they are inclusive of all views, but let’s be honest.

So I stumble across this one, “Yes, This Ad Is Racist.”  I listen to the ad and can’t for the life of me see any racism.  I read the brief story and learn that the racism is inherent in a black man not being respectful of a white woman.  And of course, the narrator being perceived as a white woman makes it all the worse.

I was going to say something snarky about the author, Alex Blaze, but then I read his bio on the site and realized it wasn’t necessary.

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Make sure to go over and visit Tammy Bruce.  She has an opinion piece over at the San Franciso Chronicle.  Needless to say, ‘real feminists’ hate Tammy.  Make sure you browse a few of the comments to get a good feel for the group think.

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