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Hasn’t Elton John learned that it would be best not to say anything that is against the gay agenda?  What was he thinking?!

It’s difficult for the activists to deal with such a public figure who appears to not be on their side. They seem to be carefully choosing their words so as not to offend or call him a bigot.  You know, he’s just not ‘thought it out’ carefully, and once he does he will see the light.

Or maybe a little reprogramming is in order.  I’m sure he could be properly modified.  Otherwise, his music sucks and he’s just a has-been anyway.


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7.  Early Voting – All the early voting gave Obama a good kick-start on votes before we were able to digest all the information we learned about him.  After my candidate fell to the wayside in the Republican process I took a liking to Obama myself.  It wasn’t until I processed what he was all about that I had the turn towards McCain. 

I’m not a big fan of all the early voting.   It just seems common sense that more possibilities of fraud and error will exist with things spread out over several days/weeks.

6.  Money – Obama had a massive advantage in money.  We all know how he changed his mind and decided to forgo public funding.  Some might call this a lie.

5.  Black Vote – Is there any doubt that nearly every black American voted for Obama?  This was a big event for blacks and a chance to express an advancement in our society.  It could have some good positive effects for young black males.  I hope at least it does that.

4.  White Vote – Couldn’t have won without it.  Enough said.

3.  Demonizing – We have to face the fact that the left has managed to create a distinction between what is ‘cool’ and what is not.  Most people conform and want to fit in to a group, and we will often behave in a way to maximize that potential.  So it is ‘not cool’ to mention that you listen to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, or any other conservative talk show host.  You listen to Fox News!  You must be kidding?  Even the pundits of the left feel no pain in criticizing Fox News and trying to marginalize their effect.  Of course they have been doing this to President Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and a host of others for some time now.  My favorite is Karl Rove.  Who even knew that an advisor could become so famous?  This is obviously a calculated strategy and it has worked well……..particularly when you have control of the press.

2.  Affirmative Action – I think Barack Obama is our first affirmative action president.  Over the years we have become obsessed with making everything in life equal for everyone, regardless of accomplishment or exceptional resume.  We had two candidates – one with an outstanding resume of accomplishment and white, and one with a distinctly weak resume of accomplishment and black.  Our ‘affirmative action’ training decided to put the black man on the magazine cover because that was the fair thing to do.  We see this type of hiring in the government sector all the time.  And you know what?  We’ll keep that employee until hell freezes over.

1.  Media – Nothing was, and is more frustrating for me than to see the blatant bias of our media.  I was appalled at the lack of serious vetting of Obama.  Attention to concerns was only briefly addressed and quickly dismissed.  I’m thinking the ‘affirmative action effect’ listed above was one of the reasons.  But the other reason was certainly the press favoring Obama, his policies, and an arrogance to believe that Americans can’t make the important decisions. Nothing should scare Americans more than a manipulation by those that control our media.

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I’ll certainly support our president, but I will be watchful.

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