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I’ve been clicking through channels watching news and opinion, and surfing through websites and blogs looking at the same.

Apparently it’s not just me.  The entire Obama inauguration and what is being said is over the top.  I can’t figure out how you can make history, how history has already been made, yet it hasn’t even happened.  And I’m not talking about just the inauguration.  The expectation of what apparently will be happening is being reported as news……or already happening.  I know; it’s complicated.

The higher on the pedestal you keep putting this (vacuous) man, the greater the fall.  I can already see the development of cover however.  The mentioning of ‘Bush’ will not fade away quickly. The blame game can still be played and they can go after him to keep it in the news for at least a full term.  Ironically, it is Bush who actually is a part of presidential history now.

Is this American Idol?  What has the mentality of America become?  Psychologically, we could be creating a monster.  It will be interesting to see if he can keep it together.  This continual telling to someone that they are a savior can only end in one of two ways.  He will develop into a remarkable man, or his self-esteem will swell far beyond his capabilities.

As far as I can tell he didn’t have to sing at all, it was just a free pass…..”You’re going to Washington!”  (Hollywood may have been a better choice.)

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