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Here’s a piece from GayPatriot that suggests a leadership void.


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The Nose On Your Face

I am so embarrassed to be an American and see my president behaving so disgracefully.  How is it possible that we have this man as President?  It’s becoming more and more obvious that he has obtained his position with little actual skill to perform the job.  The signs were obvious, and many were oblivious.

All those “little” things are now starting to add up.  There seemed to be at least a plausible explanation for each one of them at the time, and I was willing to go along with it.  But it is now becoming a pattern that has reached beyond the line of significance.

  • Never actually holding a job – Did you know you can get an associate degree in community organizing at several community colleges? And in social justice?
  • What personality type writes two books about themselves so early in life? Please see this from Dr. Sanity, Tuesday, Feb. 10: Fatal Conceits, Complex Systems, and the Narcissism of Barack Obama.
  • Not holding the hand over his heart during the national anthem.
  • Never saying, really, anything – It’s been all emotion driven.
  • Tossing the flower (rather than placing it) at the 9-11 Memorial.
  • With a theme of bringing change and respect back to Office of President, he appoints people who knowingly have not been paying their taxes. I guess Leona Helmsley was right.
  • Feeling “trapped” in the White House after less than two weeks.  Are you kidding me! You’d have to drag me out of that place.
  • Engaging talk radio personalities like it’s some sort of contest.
  • How can someone not show any embarrassment, humility, and modesty regarding the treatment he receives from others? Any respectable adult would never let this happen to the degree that we are witnessing.
  • Reacting too quickly with an enormous amount of our money and future in the balance.

This is a person who has no sense of respect for others.  Outwardly it is all show.  Inwardly it is all about him.  This is exactly who we do not want as a leader.  This is a person who does not want to work.  He is of the belief, because he has been told that in our self-esteem obsessed world, that he is intelligent and a great thinker.  But he is an independent critical thinker. He thinks in a linear fashion (reminds me of Spock telling Captain Kirk that Khan thinks linearly although he is a purported genius).  He has never learned the lesson that you cannot always be right.  Great leaders have had the experience to learn many lessons along the way to prominent leadership roles.

And for the final criticism, I haven’t found him to be that great of a speaker.

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Here is something that has some teeth over at American Thinker:  Murphy’s Law, the Peter Priciple and Barack Obama by Kyle-Anne Shiver.  Well worth reading and certainly makes the case for the evolution of Barack Obama.

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