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Remarkable.   Things continue to mount that show the immaturity of a leader. 

 From Ace of Spades, Wizbang, and Hot Air.

Someone with Obama’s supposed intelligence could not possibly have said this.  So the only possibility is that he’s not as intelligent as he has been promoted to be.  How can someone, with all the problems we are having as a country, even consider taking time to go on a comedy show?  So after only two months he needs more attention than being President offers?  This is a person leaning towards narcissism.

Here’s what he thinks leadership is:

  • “I sit around and do thinking.  Work smart, not hard.”
  • “I really am superior and understand how things should be done, so just do it my way and it will be fine.  And even if it’s not (actually I don’t really care how it comes out for everyone else), I’m President now so my life is clear sailing to the end.  Remember, I won.”
  • “Man, this President thing is easy.  Just sitting back and having all kinds of people (many of them are even white) wait on my every need, dinners cooked and really first class, the house is always clean, great car and a helicopter and 747, bowling alley, and best of all – whatever I say around here goes!”
  • “Sort of annoying that I have to meet all these other leaders, they really take up too much of my time and wear me out.  And they are so ungrateful.  They whittled a piece of wood down and think that it is better than a whole DVD collection.”
  • “You know, I’m starting to get bored already.  Think I’ll take in a couple of shows.  Or maybe just tell the generals to fire up the 747 and take a ride.”

Ah, yes, life as the ruler of the free world is so draining. I watched the movie 300 again this week.  All I could see was the similarity between Obama and Xerxes.


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Please, Help Me!

So that I can critically think correctly, I’d like a list of how and where I should gather my news so I can make responsible decisions about all matters affecting my life and the country’s life.  I spend approximately 2 hours per day reading, watching TV and surfing websites.  If I’m to grow up as a healthy liberal, I need your help in directing me to the proper sources so I can be programmed correctly.  Apparently I have swayed off course and my current programming has been compromised (I know this because they tell me so).  So, really, how can I get the facts and the truth?  I need a place(s) where I can trust the information so I can make the important decisions.  Who are the best pundits?  Who should I avoid at all costs?  Who is most sincere and has a grip on all the issues?  Who is best at reporting the news without a biased leaning?  Am I simply a product of what I read and listen to?  Am I being manipulated?  Tell me, please!  If you don’t have the remedy, just tell me where you gather your information.  I know you are compassionate and will help.  I’m slipping fast, and a coma can’t be too far away for me.

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