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Is Obama someone who knows the definition of art?  It appears so.

Check out NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE ARTS: Pimping for Obama over at Dr. Sanity.


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So I guess it is now improper to use a dictionary to make sense of what we read or hear.  Wizbang and Ace of Spades have some thoughts and information on Obama’s interview with George Stephanopoulos. 

I thought I’d look up a couple of words myself…..as inappropriate as it may be.

You    1:pronoun – the ONE or ones being addressed

Lie      1:verb – to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive. 2: to create a false or misleading impression

This is fun!  I want to look up more words now.

Update: Some more on this at American Thinker.

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I was just looking at approval poll numbers (thanks Power Line) for Obama and realized that if Obama was white he’d be doing much worse right now.

So I then thought I must be a racist.  But then I got confused because Obama is half white.  Oh man, this is so confusing.  I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be racist or not.

I can’t wait for a new president who knows what he is…..so that I can know too.

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No Health Coverage Tied to 45,000 Deaths a Year

It is usually without fail that MSNBC online will have a story that is somehow supportive of a current liberal cause.  Just click over there, you’ll see.

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If you hold the winning ticket.

This is sort of the inverse of what Obama is up to with his statement that illegals will not be able to join the public option.  Sure, it says they will not be able to participate.  But in the fine print we know this not to be the case.  And he does to.

This is a lie.  In fact, it is an outright lie.

This type of doubletalk is what is driving us all crazy.  And we are not about to take it anymore.

Interestingly, he has never said (or been asked) what his feeling is about illegals being able to participate.  Since he hasn’t voiced any strong and personal conviction about it, we must assume he is not really for restricting them.

We are ready for our leaders to be open and honest with their beliefs.

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Welcome Back!

With everything about as crazy as it can get out there, I see no reason to remain a silent partner in helping to expose the truth.

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I can’t believe how people just make things up. 

Is it just me or do others find that our left-leaning friends are always assuming they know the true nature of other people’s thoughts?

American Thinker has a discussion of the sinking Maureen Dowd.

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