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One thing that woke me up from my posting nap was the idea of algae somehow being the solution to the oil/energy problem.  When I heard Obama say this, I had to make a note to read the text later to be sure I heard it correctly.  This is a smart man? 

I then considered how the press would treat this.  There are several former Presidents who if they had said such a thing would be persecuted in the news and talk shows relentlessly.  I checked the MSM news…..nothing.  I checked the Huffington Post…..nothing.  I noticed that even the usual trolls at the blogs I frequent have been silent.  As always, when something crazy is uttered by Obama, not a word to be heard. 

Here’s a link to read about this incredible statement.  Not to mention the rest of the speech:

Power Line – The Miracle of Algae


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I think it is about time to start posting again.  It’s been a while and I’m feeling the need with all the crazy going on out there.  Being the optimist I am, I was sure that the world couldn’t get any more wacko.  Well, wrong again.  And I think the brain cells need some more exercise.

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