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One thing that woke me up from my posting nap was the idea of algae somehow being the solution to the oil/energy problem.  When I heard Obama say this, I had to make a note to read the text later to be sure I heard it correctly.  This is a smart man? 

I then considered how the press would treat this.  There are several former Presidents who if they had said such a thing would be persecuted in the news and talk shows relentlessly.  I checked the MSM news…..nothing.  I checked the Huffington Post…..nothing.  I noticed that even the usual trolls at the blogs I frequent have been silent.  As always, when something crazy is uttered by Obama, not a word to be heard. 

Here’s a link to read about this incredible statement.  Not to mention the rest of the speech:

Power Line – The Miracle of Algae


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I think it is about time to start posting again.  It’s been a while and I’m feeling the need with all the crazy going on out there.  Being the optimist I am, I was sure that the world couldn’t get any more wacko.  Well, wrong again.  And I think the brain cells need some more exercise.

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Sad but true.  Another irreconcilable idea rears its ugly head.  Be sure to read “Resolving the Cognitive Dissonance of Islam” over at American Thinker.

Our critical thinking skills will work just fine until somone tells us we can’t think that way.

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I was reading this over at GayPatriot the other day and felt compelled to leave a comment regarding the Baby Boomers as being “callous children.”  But my view is that Obama is not a Baby Boomer at all.  He is clearly a Gen X product.  Some might call him a “tweener,” but it is clear he fits the X mold. 

Two of the defining characteristics of an X fit Obama perfectly:

  • See every job as temporary and a step to something better
  • No strong sense of mission or loyalty to an organization

It’s interesting that these two characteristics lead to the perception that he may be of the narcissistic mold as well – something that many have written about.  Throw in a couple more characteristics…..

  • Don’t like close supervision
  • Emphasis on leisure and entertainment

……and we can see how he doesn’t much like others telling him what should be done.  But there is plenty of time for basketball, golf, parties, and hobnobbing with celebrities.

Hmmm, maybe there is something to these generational generalizations!

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……Unless you are a bird out for a flight.

I saw this the other day at Small Dead Animals and it made me sick. Apparently it is now ok to harm animals when it fits the agenda.  The cognitive dissonance in these people is going to kill them.  (after clicking link scroll up above comments – it may take a moment for the video to load)

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As a follow up to the previous post you may want to take a look at this from American ThinkerThe Vilification of Rush.

The whole fiasco about Rush and what he said was a gross exaggeration (lie) carried by the mainstream press.  Several apologies followed. But we sure know how sincere those were, don’t we?

You know folks, if you never listen to Rush how do you know what he thinks?

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I’m starting to believe that the left is made up primarily of individuals that react in a basic reflexive sort of way.  Any mention of several things and they simply blurt out an expletive or cringe as though they have just witnessed something horrific.  The stimuli that elicits these reactions include Bush, Fox News, Rush, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin,  Hannity, O’Reilly, and others.

As I thought about this driving home yesterday, I was listening to a couple of tunes from Avenue Q and remembered one of the last songs in the production, For Now.  No, I’m not usually listening to Broadway musicals. I had just recently discovered the CD in a box and decided to take a listen again. I had seen Avenue Q a few months before it won the Tony Award for Best Musical (2004). It was cleverly done with some catchy songs.

Anyways, the song For Now included the lines “It’s only for now…….sex! It’s only for now…….your hair!” “It’s only for now…….George Bush!”  So, I started wondering what that might have been changed to after Bush left office.  And wouldn’t you know?!  “It’s only for now……Fox News!” 

I guess I should have known they couldn’t find something a little more politically neutral after Bush left office. The left thoroughly enjoys dropping insults wherever and whenever they can, and they certainly have a tight grip on the arts. I’ve even noticed it slowly creeping in to sports writing as well.

Is it possible for the left to actually discuss and defend their views without name calling?  I really do think that they have trained their following to simply react.  They use satire and sarcasm (Jon Stewart for instance) as a way to make it cool to think their way.  Since they have little knowledge of what is being discussed, they simply think that Jon Stewart’s cleverness must be a sign of intelligence. So they all go along with it and laugh in order to maintain a social status with peers. It’s all so sad.

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