So while I’m on this public service kick, I’d also like to point out another lady that is doing some good.  That would be Tammy Bruce!

I was offended by CNN deciding that they needed to do a piece with a psychiatrist about Talk Radio: Who is listening?  I know they were hoping to find out that the listeners suffered from some mental illness.  Pat over at Tammy Bruce has a post.

I’m now waiting for the report on the rabid individuals who write and comment at Huffington Post or Daily Koz.  Are they stable?  Should we be worried?  Or, if you have ever listened to Air America or other left wing radio shows you will know how there needs to be immediate psychiatic attention to these individuals.  Maybe their condition could be covered with our new universal health care!


I was just over at michellemalkin.com and saw that she has a post on the push for public service as well.  I like a lot about what Michelle Malkin has to say on many issues.  She seems to often be doing what the press used to do and is supposed to do.

I’d like to say that I think Michelle Malkin is providing a public service.

Thank you Michelle!


So the administration and the President do not think they should communicate with Fox News?  The network with the highest ratings and connections to more Americans than any other network (in many cases more than several of the others combined)?

Am I dreaming again?  How can this be?  They have an obligation and a duty to communicate with EVERYONE! 

Can’t answer the tough questions?  That speaks a great deal now, doesn’t it?

I ran across this from Big Hollywood.  The push for more service from the masses.

Last week we had a speaker at the college who spoke on the differences between the generations (Baby Boomers, X, Millennium).  One of the defining characteristcs of the Millennials was their dedication to service in their community.

As I looked about the room as she was saying this I could see from faces that not many were believing.  In fact, we had just heard about an hour before how making community service should be a curriculum requirement. In other words, forcing them to perform community service as a graduation requirement.

Doesn’t sound like the desire to perform community service is an intrinsic desire to me.

How is this possible? 

Justice concludes black voters need Democratic Party

From Instapundit.com and The Washington Times.

There can be no defense.  Slap me, I must be dreaming.

Well, well, well………Just as I suspected.

It appears the world knows disrespect when it sees it. Gateway Pundit has some information from Danish News discussing Obama’s horrible display trying to get the Olympics to Chicago.  Looks like it was an easy vote to me.

Danish News: Obama’s Arrogance Turned Off IOC

Obama is all about extrinsic rewards.  It’s clear from the way he speaks about himself.  He falsely projects an intrinsic nature to his actions.  He is now in a position that will never allow him to develop true concern for others.  This should have been developed long before he became President.

I certainly have little doubt about this from American Thinker.

I once had a boss that spent his entire time calculating how he could get more frequent flyer miles by making many, many unnecessary trips.  I’m sure he is still doing it to this day. He has no one overseeing his behavior.

Obama has no demonstrated concern for the people that he leads. It is all about him.

I currently see many students entering the nursing program at my college. Most are entering because they see the potential to make some good money.  They do not display an actual desire to help people and care for them. Yeah, I can hardly wait to be hospitalized with one of these people standing over me.  We already know why most physicians are there (no, not all nurses and physicians…… just enough to make us all miserable).

It’s remarkable to think that someone can be so shallow in such an observable way.